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Coby's Portfolio

Some Virtue - Temper (Music Video)

Here's a music video I created for the band, Some Virtue. I animated the baby using Mixamo and compiled and shot everything in Unity.

CHARM Simulator

The CHARM Simulator is a Magic Leap One application that I built using Unity. 

If Thanos Had Won

This is a fun video I made for my Expanded Animation class at USC. I used royalty-free assets from Sketchfab and animations from Mixamo. I compiled everything, built the environment, and shot the scene in Unity.


Camoo is a short film I wrote and directed for my Film and Philosophy course at Stanford University. I composited cow footage I got at the Stanford Dish and shots of San Francisco to create the film. 

Coby in Hawaii

Coby in Hawaii is one of the short VR films I've made for my YouTube channel, Coby's VR Adventures. I document my most exciting adventures with a 360 camera and post videos to this channel.